The Story

I created this game to showcase in a simple tangential way some principles of the Science Walden project, which dealt with a new form of digital currency based directly on human value.

The new currency would be supposed to be based on human connection, shared goods, and continuous natural flow. If the currency is not used, then it loses its value and starts to decay. It would act as a UBI (Universal Basic Income) and complementary digital currency in various communities.

The story can be toggled off in the settings, turning the game into an endless runner with the theme of currency and ggool.

How to play


Left (A), Right(D) - move left, right

Click or Ctrl - shoot a coin


Swipe left, swipe right - move left, right

Swipe up - shoot a coin

Gameplay on PC:

Gameplay on Android:


Download 27 MB
Ggool Runner Mobile 1.1.apk 17 MB

Install instructions

For browsers that support WEBGL (for example Chrome): Click Play Game on this page; (If you try to run it on mobile, the swipe and shoot mechanics will happen at the same time, so beware)

Windows: Extract the .zip file and run .exe;

Android devices: Enable apk files installation, then (download and) install the .apk file. Find your new app and play.

Development log

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